Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects your nervous system. This medical condition is characterized by chronic widespread pain, sleep disturbances, and cognitive difficulties. It also often involves chronic fatigue.

In fact, fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by a disruption in the pain processing system, but the exact cause remains unknown, and there is no known cure. The treatment for Fibromyalgia Houston focuses on controlling symptoms through medications and rehabilitation therapy to improve functional skills.

Let us now see the common symptoms of fibromyalgia.

  • Widespread pain

Fibromyalgia is a serious condition. While some people have pain only in one body region, many people experience pain in almost all body parts. The causes of pain vary from person to person. Some common causes are migraines, stress or anxiety, depression, injuries to joints or muscles, and repetitive motions in work or sports. The intensity of the pain can also vary from mild to severe.

  • Touch sensitivity

People affected by fibromyalgia feel pain even with the slightest touch. Touch-induced pain is triggered when a light breeze or even a bed sheet rubs against the skin. People with fibromyalgia also complain of burning, tingling, or numbness in their hands and fingers.

  • Fatigue

Fatigue is a common problem among fibromyalgia patients. Body fatigue is manifested in various ways. Some of them are muscle weakness, lack of energy, disturbed sleep, and mood changes. People with fibromyalgia may feel tired even after a good night’s sleep.

  • Depression and anxiety

Many people affected by fibromyalgia also suffer from some kind of mood disorder, either anxiety or depression. Some experience both in varying degrees. People affected by depression have symptoms such as loss of interest in life, difficulty in managing daily tasks, etc.

  • Inadequate sleep

This is another serious problem among fibromyalgia patients. The patients often complain of difficulty falling asleep, disturbed sleep, and waking up early in the morning. These problems are caused by extreme pain and lead to poor sleep patterns.

  • Foggy thinking

Fibromyalgia causes changes in the way you think. It affects your memory and concentration. You may feel that you are not in control of your thoughts and routine. More so, people affected by fibromyalgia may also experience a lack of alertness.

  • Memory problems

Memory problems are also seen among people with fibromyalgia. The condition makes it hard for them to remember things. It affects their ability to concentrate, read, and make decisions.

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