Worn-down, decayed, weak, or broken teeth cause concerns like pain and increased sensitivity. This is while increasing the chances of tooth loss, emphasizing the need for practical care. Dental crowns Summit can help address the symptoms, save natural teeth, and improve dental health. Dental crowns are made from materials including resin, porcelain, and metal, offering a lifespan averaging five to 15 years with good care. Among the reasons dental crowns are recommended include:

Protect damaged tooth

A tooth with a history of decay, worn out, or damaged due to trauma, is vulnerable. Exposure to food debris and substances, including bacteria, can escalate the problem, resulting in tooth loss. A dental crown covers such a tooth with a cap, protecting it from contact with such substances. The cap helps address the increased temperature sensitivity and pain while protecting the tooth from further damage. This means you can preserve your natural tooth and eliminate uncomfortable experiences, such as when eating.

Support restorative treatments

After restorative procedures like filling or root canal treatment, your doctor may recommend dental crowns. The crowns cover the treated area and the rest of your tooth. This eliminates concerns like sensitivity that follow such procedures. A better experience helps facilitate effective recovery and ensures you realize the best results. Restorative treatments aim to return your dental function to normalcy, and with dental crowns, you can speed up the process and realize more from such treatments.

Improve oral health

An ailing tooth does more than cause pain and discomfort. For instance, the increased sensitivity forces you to skip certain diets and impacts your oral hygiene measures. The pain and sensitivity could lead to poor oral hygiene as you hurriedly brush and floss to avoid discomfort. Poor hygiene means debris easily accumulates, which is worse with gaps caused by damage like cracks. The accumulation leads to tartar harboring bacteria. This leads to tooth and gum infections which you are unlikely to notice in the early stages. The infection can develop into periodontitis, increasing the risk of tooth loss and other severe health concerns like diabetes.

Discreet smile improvement

Tooth discoloration due to decay or wear, cracked or broken teeth, and other smile imperfections can dent your confidence. Dental crowns offer a discreet solution to restore the smile. The crowns are custom-made, matching your natural teeth’ color, hue, shape, and size. The procedure entails cleaning your enamel, followed by removing the damaged tissue. The crown covers that specific area, meaning it fits well to restore your smile and dental functions. Once you recover and symptoms like soreness pass, you will likely forget you have crowns. Moreover, since the crowns look like natural teeth, no one can tell you have them, providing a discreet smile improvement solution.

Dental concerns like decay do not mean a tooth extraction is inevitable. Dental crowns allow you to preserve the natural tooth and address the pain, sensitivity, and unsightly discoloration. Dental crowns care is not complicated, allowing you to keep them in good shape for years and kick your oral health a notch higher. Visit Dental Studios today for more on dental crowns.

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