As a woman, your wellness includes several aspects of your health that require regular tests to ensure you are okay. Diseases like cervical and breast cancer may show early enough if you keep up with your appointments. Taking care of yourself includes visits to your OB/GYN San Pedro, who aims to ensure you care for your body and stay healthy. Usually, such visits begin at the early ages of 13 for pelvic exams and 21 for Pap smears. The two tests are essential in detecting early signs of precancerous growths that may lead to cancer if left untreated. Here are other health services your OB/GYN can provide.

Prenatal Care

Before your baby is born, you require prenatal care to help reduce pregnancy risks and increase the chances of a healthy and safe delivery. During prenatal visits, your OB/GYN monitors your pregnancy and identifies issues that may present future complications. Usually, your OB/GYN will recommend beginning your prenatal care visits three months before you try conceiving to give you tips on healthy habits you will need during your pregnancy. You may need to quit smoking and drinking alcohol, discuss your medical conditions, and avoid toxic substances that may harm you and your baby.

Postpartum Care

After a safe delivery, you will still need care, which may last up to two months. During this period, you will likely go through physical and emotional changes as you care for your newborn. Your OB/GYN will recommend resting enough to help rebuild your strength. You can sleep when your baby sleeps and keep the crib near you to make nighttime feeding easier. Your OB/GYN will also ask you to get proper nutrition to keep you healthy. You will avoid high-fat snacks, drink enough fluids and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Lastly, you will also practice vaginal care after delivery.

Cervical Cancer Care

Your OB/GYN focuses on your reproductive health by recommending screening tests to detect precancerous cells that may develop into cervical cancer. You will require a Pap test where your doctor brushes your cervical cells and then takes them into the lab to examine cervical cancer. You may also receive an HPV DNA test which tests your cervical cells for infections that may lead to cervical cancer.

Breast Care

Your breast health begins with you being familiar with your breasts. You should know how they look in shape and size and how they feel so you can detect any changes as soon as they begin. Your OB/GYN will check your breasts for lumps, pain, and nipple discharge, which may mean an underlying health concern. You may need further screening tests to detect breast cancer before it progresses and causes health complications. Screening tests may include mammograms, ultrasounds, and MRIs.

OB/GYN visits are regular visits beginning as early as 13 to check for risk factors of certain diseases and give a complete picture of your general health. OB/GYN visits also focus on your reproductive health, including prenatal and postpartum care, pregnancy care, pelvic health, and breast exams, among other comprehensive health care services. Your doctor will help you stay informed on the different roles you will play to ensure your body is healthy, contributing to your overall wellness. You can also raise concerns during your OB/GYN visits to help you eliminate troublesome thoughts and give clarity on health concerns.

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