Loss of multiple teeth is experienced by several adults over the age of 40. The best solution for lost teeth is dental implants. Dental implants are one of the effective methods to replace lost teeth. While many people might already know that dental implants are suitable for replacing one or two missing teeth, there must be more awareness about full dental implants.

People become concerned about getting dental implants for few or no teeth. Full-mouth dental implants can be ideal when someone has lost almost all their teeth. Full-mouth dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth and full-arch loss. You should contact a bayside dental implants dentist to understand the practical benefits of full dental implants.

Expected benefits of full dental implants:

  • Full-mouth dental implants preserve bone structure

Our teeth are supported by the gums, which depend on the jawbone for teeth structure. Your jawbone becomes weak when you start to experience tooth loss. A fragile jawbone can change the facial structure and cause the cheeks to sag or sink.

However, full-mouth dental implants can offer similar support to the jawbone and natural teeth roots. Such implants can be adapted to stimulate the jawbone, offering more reliability to the artificial teeth.

Full-mouth dental implants may involve fewer complications than partial dental implants. When you get a full-mouth dental implant, it gains strength from the jawbone and gums surrounding the teeth material. Such implants do not need to be replaced over time. As a result, full-mouth dental implants offer a higher success rate when compared to dentures or bridges.

  • Full-mouth dental implants offer more comfort.

Full-mouth dental implants have a removable denture attached above the metal frame holding the implant. Such implants become more convenient for maintaining, cleaning, or replacing missing teeth.

Full-mouth dental implants feel more comfortable when compared to dentures that do not fit properly after a period. Dentures can likely cause ulcers or other dental problems. It can become uncomfortable to eat with dentures. However, full-mouth dental implants can provide more comfort when eating or drinking.

  • Full-mouth dental implants are easier to maintain 

Implants tend to be more expensive than dentures. That is because implants are a permanent and more practical solution as they provide comfort and reliability. However, the value of implants can only be worth it when they are maintained properly. As a result, implants can be easier to maintain as they do not require to be removed and inserted again like dentures. You should consult a dentist and ask them which option is the most suitable for your case.

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