Every year millions of people suffer from STDs, and thousands lose their lives because they either do not take the appropriate measures to stop the disease from progressing or do not have access to medical treatments. However, you could always be cautious and watch out for symptoms of STIs long before they hit you and affect you. Sexual contact is the primary means of transmission of STDs, but they can also be passed down if any of your biological parents had them. Regardless, if you feel scared that you might have one and need a professional’s opinion, you can always go to std testing waxahachie!

Some Early Signs of STDs You Can Keep an Eye For

STDs have a wide range of symptoms that can be seen among patients. But you can narrow them down to a few that are predominantly seen in a lot of people affected by STIs. Given below are some of them:

  • You will notice that the genital or rectal areas have blisters or bumps, and they might also be painful. This could indicate infection with herpes or syphilis. These sores may also appear on or around your mouth and can be highly contagious.
  • You might experience pain or a burning sensation in the urethra when urinating. This indicates that you have chlamydia, gonorrhea, or genital herpes. This pain occurs due to the irritation caused by the infection in the urinary tract or genital area.
  • Infections like chlamydia and gonorrhea can sometimes cause lower abdominal pain in women. You might mistake these symptoms for menstrual issues or some stomach problems. But if you are sexually active, you should go to a doctor and get tests done to eliminate the chances of them being due to an STD.
  • When performing sexual intercourse, you may experience pain or feel uncomfortable. Diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis can cause inflammation and irritation in the genital area, which leads to pain during sex.
  • You might get a fever as well! Yes, fever is one of the most common flu symptoms, and you might take it for granted by getting an ibuprofen. But if you have engaged in sexual activity recently and notice any other symptoms in this list, you should check yourself.
  • Check if you have any rashes on your skin. Sometimes, they might be due to allergies, but you never know when they are due to an STD. They might either be syphilis or herpes. Why take a risk anyways? So, to be sure, you can go to a doctor and get yourself checked.

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