When it comes to weight loss many individuals find losing the extra pounds to be quite challenging. There is no doubt that for many people adhering to a proper diet and training regimen can get quite difficult especially when expected to stay consistent in order to achieve transformational results. When looking at the city of Toronto nearly 20.5% of the population is considered obese. Having said that, there is no doubt that having a weight loss coach can help expedite your fitness journey while allowing you to mitigate the risk of obesity. With that said, in this short article we will cover the top 3 benefits of hiring a weight loss coach and why you may want to consider hiring a coach for your fat loss journey. All things considered, let’s get started.

Benefit #1 – A Weight Loss Coach Develops a System For Your Goals

Let’s face the facts, many people may have a general idea of how to lose weight but almost 99% of people don’t have a system in place that facilitates consistent weight loss and transformational results. When choosing to work with a weight loss coach, they take the time to help you develop a plan and system that will set you up in the best way possible to achieve optimal results.They take care of everything from developing an exercise plan based on your fitness level, as well as helping to plan out your daily macronutrient and calorie intake requirements. With a weight loss coach you can be rest assured that you are getting personalized planning that is created with you and you alone in mind. The end result is a reliable plan that simultaneously keeps you motivated and excited to change.

Benefit #2 – A Weight Loss Coach Holds You Accountable

In addition to helping you create a system for your goals, a weight loss coach can also be a huge asset in helping hold you accountable. It’s easy to regress to our old bad habits when there’s no one to keep us honest and accountable. Fortunately with a coach, they motivate you to continue staying focused with your weight loss goals by keeping you determined to stick with your exercise plan and diet. Additionally, your coach will help you be more objective about your individual needs and issues. This will ensure that you learn how to offset hurdles and regain focus moving forward even if you get off track. Some factors a coach will help you remain conscious of include:

Consistent Training
Upholding diet
Getting adequate sleep (7-9 hours per night)
Motivating you on your low energy days

Benefit #3 – A Weight Loss Coach Can Help You Address Your Unhealthy Relationship With Food

Regardless of how much you want to lose weight, you won’t see any changes if you don’t change your diet. However, it can be very hard to quit certain foods cold turkey. Fortunately, a personal trainer can talk you through which foods are bad for you, and give you substitutes to help make the process easier. In urbanized cities like Toronto in particular, the number of fast-food options and restaurants can be very tempting for individuals looking to eat healthy and adhere to a diet. Fortunately, a weight loss coach can help make options such as meal prep very appetizing. There are also great options available nowadays if you are looking for a Meal Prep Service in Toronto that are worth looking into if you are serious about your nutrition but want a way to still enjoy tasty meals.


All in all, when it comes to your fitness journey it doesn’t matter how you start, all that matters is how you choose to finish. Having said that, it is critical to ensure that you take the time to find an experienced weight loss coach that has the expertise and compassion to help you on your fitness journey. That’s why we recommend Adam Gould (Puffy Got Buffy). As a leading Weight Loss Coach in Toronto, Adam has lost more than 150 pounds himself and is now dedicated towards helping countless clients succeed in the world of weight loss and fitness. All in all, If you are ready to change your life, there is no better way to start than to go ahead and start working with a weight loss coach. Let’s make 2022 our year!

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