With everyone rushing to the internet for solutions the Italian e-commerce space has greatly expanded.

The cosmetic industry has not been left behind and sites such as Doc Farmacia have come up to make sure the vast majority of the Italian population get access to healthy beauty products.

Some of the best Italian cosmetic brands renowned in the e-commerce space are;-

1. Kiko Milano

Kiko Milano is a cosmetic brand that was founded in the year 1997 and has since remained a giant franchise in the cosmetic industry.

It identifies beauty trends, actualizes them, and finally makes them available to everyone.

It thrives through the offering of an incredible variety of products, textures, and colours in innovative technology at an affordable price.

These products include lipstick, lip products, eye shadow, touch cream blush stick among others.

2. Davines

This Italian-based cosmetic company was founded in 1983 by the Bollati family.

This company gives high-end hair care products to all retailers and consumers worldwide.

It is known for mainly hair care products such as shampoos, hair lotions, masks, hairsprays, styling products, conditioners, and shaving kits.

Who would have known a research laboratory would become a leading cosmetic company.

3. Collistar

Active in over 45 countries Collister beauty brand is an outstanding Italian cosmetics company.

Epitomized in clean research this company focuses on respecting the skin, the planet and providing sustainable Italian ingredients.

It has more than 50 different products including lipstick, perfumes, lip gloss, foundation, moisturizers, among others.

Due to its investment in research, most if not all of its products are said to be skin and environmentally friendly.

4. Borghese

This company combines both medieval and modern beauty traditions.

Since it was founded on princess Marcella Borghese’s entrepreneurship, it is rooted in the legacy of Italian beauty.

It has skincare, body, and makeup products that would make you value yourself corporally and in the soul.

5. Perlier

This company prides itself in producing products that are 100% organic.

It has its main goal to deliver natures’ most effective ingredients to an individual’s skin in the purest form.

Due to that, most of its ingredients are sourced from the Italian countryside.

Some of its products include Rosemary cuticle oil, lavender liquid soap, and honey Miel.

6. Carthusia

This is probably the cosmetic company with one of the most interesting stories of origin.

 It is said Certosa di San Giacomo in expectation of the sovereign Giovanna put the most beautiful flowers in water for three days and later realized the water had acquired a fragrance mysterious to him.

Today this franchise has perfected and structured the technique in the most sophisticated way to offer the best perfumes to those who choose it.

Whether you prefer Eau de parfum or eau de toilette this is the franchise to look for.

7. Santa Maria Novella

This is the Worlds oldest pharmacy with the best-kept beauty secret.

The company makes award-winning botanically inspired beauty products.

It further has 75 stores worldwide with a vast variety of products such as special skincare, soaps, body care perfumes among others.

What is very fascinating is the fact that all the luxury products produced by this franchise are handmade in the old world way.

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