Eating healthy food is very important to the body. It helps reduce toxins in the body, improves mortality rates, and helps you lose weight faster. Americans have great cuisines and fancy foods, but it is nothing compared to the Spanish diet meals.

Spain was recently called the healthiest country globally because of its different types of healthy meals. Spain has a low mortality rate. Research shows that eating light food helps the metabolism of the body.

A typical Spanish breakfast is high in. Carbohydrate, Potassium, iron riboflavin, thiamin, magnesium. These minerals contribute to the energy level of the body. Spain invests so much in healthy food, and Exante is a popular Spanish brand providing healthy foods.

If you’re looking for options on healthy foods to try, here are some suggestions on types of food you should try out in Spain

Healthy Spanish Food to Try Out

1. Spanish Omelette

This popular Spanish meal is delectable to eat. It goes well with anything. It is prepared with olive oil and potatoes and can be eaten with bread or breadsticks.

2. Tapas

Tapas are a good option because the portions are usually small, but they often contain olive oil, which raises the calorie count. The key is to eat in modest increments. The mushrooms in garlic sauce and stuffed peppers are two low-calorie options.

3. Paella

Paella is the round flat pan in which paella is prepared. This meal is Spain’s most famous national meal. It contains rice with veggies, fish, and chicken.

Rice with a high carbohydrate content and a medium glycaemic helps you a lot in your diet because it keeps you less hungry and more filled.

A tapas-sized meal has roughly 200 calories, whereas a main dish serving has around 700 calories. Remove the fatty skin from the chicken before tucking in to reduce the calories significantly.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are an important part of Spanish cuisine because they are high in the antioxidants beta-carotene (which the body uses to generate vitamin A), vitamin C, and lycopene. Try gazpacho, a chilled tomato soup that is high in nutrients and filling.

5. Water

You may have to stick with water when looking for a healthy meal.  Tapas are salty, but soothing your thirst with a bottle of Spanish beer will cost over 200 calories. Water is good Instead.

6. Seafood

Spain is a city much encircled by water that provides specific cookery benefits. Delicious fish and seafood can be found in every part of the country. The flavor and taste seafood add to meals make the Spanish people relish them. It’s rampant in areas like Galecia, Catalonia,  Balearic islands, Andalusia, Murcia and Valencia.

If you’re looking for a healthy seafood meal to try, you can try the  Mariscada (mixed seafood) or pulpo a feira (octopus), or a caldereta (seafood casserole). The sensation is more appalling when you’re glaring at the beautiful water and having your meal.

7. Pistos and Tumbet  

This awesome meal is made with mixed vegetables and olive oil. Onions, Onions, aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, and garlic are commonly included in these lightly sautéed mixed veggies. Castila-La Mancha has one of the most well-known Pistos recipes.

While Tumbet is a well-known traditional dish from the Balearic island, you can find this food in places like  Alborona, Andalusia, Samfaina in Catalonia, and some in the Valencian Region.

These are some Spanish foods you can eat and still maintain your health. There are lots of such meals. You can search for more online.

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