Taking the test in itself is not that difficult. For many potential fathers, it is more difficult to decide if they want to know the answer to that burning question: who is the biological father? If the potential father has decided he wants the answer to this question, he can order a home paternity test. But how does such a kit actually work? In this blog we are going to explain to you step by step how such a test works, and answer a few common questions.

What do you need?

In the box of a home dna testing kit there is enough stuff to take a DNA sample from the father, mother and child. The mother’s DNA is not necessarily needed to successfully complete the test, yet a DNA sample from the mother can help the laboratory determine the result. In the box of the test kit you can find the following things: 12 sterile cotton swabs, three special envelopes to keep the DNA samples in, a consent form that needs to be filled out to be attached to the lab’s shipment and an instruction sheet.

How it works

All you have to do yourself is collect DNA samples. You open the kit and take the sterile cotton swabs from the box. You run these along the inside of your cheeks and put them in the bag provided. Then you do the same with your potential child, and therefore possibly the mother. If all goes well you now have three envelopes with DNA samples. You send these to the laboratory. It is important that you fill in the consent form and send it along with your shipment. Without the consent form the laboratory cannot perform the test.

How expensive is a paternity test?

The prices of a paternity test can vary greatly. The biggest price difference is in the reason for your test. If you undergo the paternity test for personal reasons then the test is cheaper than if you have to undergo such a test for legal reasons. This is because you are not allowed to use home kits for legal reasons. To make sure the DNA is taken from the right person in the right way a legal paternity test is mandatory. If you only want to know for yourself if you are the father of the child then a home kit is accurate enough. The prices of a home kit vary between 80 and 400 Euros. The price difference is so big because it depends on which laboratory you have the test done at.

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