How many laps and stretches do you do daily to keep your body in shape? Are you limiting your calorie intake because you are trying to define your curves? Despite all these struggles, your body has refused to get in shape because of stubborn fat areas.

Then it is time to go to ice cave body sculpting and get cryolipolysis to adjust your shape. Cryolipolysis involves exposing your targeted skin areas to extremely cold temperatures to damage fat cells and leave you with stunning results. Here is a discussion highlighting the different facts on fat freezing that you should know about.

What Areas Of Your Body Can Cryolipolysis Address?

You can receive this treatment to eliminate stubborn fat deposits in specific body areas. Such areas include your inner and outer thighs, beneath your chin, love handles, underneath your buttocks, and lower and upper back.

Who Does Not Make a Good Candidate for Cryolipolysis?

You can make a good candidate for this procedure if you are within your ideal weight and want to eliminate certain stubborn fat areas. However, cryolipolysis may not suit you if you are overweight because it is not a weight loss procedure. Also, your doctor cannot perform this procedure on your skin’s cut and injured areas, especially if they contain severe dermatitis, varicose veins, and other skin lesions. You may only make a suitable candidate if you have normal cold intolerance.

How Will Your Doctor Perform Cryolipolysis?

Your doctor will begin by assessing the treatment area and outlining it. Usually, you will be awake throughout the procedure. Your doctor will then place an applicator on the outlined area and use the device to freeze fat cell layers under your skin. Next, the applicator’s hollow opening will suction the fatty bulge, which may cause a tugging sensation that will lessen as the treatment area becomes numb. Treatment may take up to an hour, after which your doctor may massage the area to aid in breaking down fat cells.

How Does Cryolipolysis Work?

The procedure depends on that fat cells are more vulnerable to damage from cold temperatures, which injure them. The injury will then trigger an inflammatory response, resulting in their death. Your body’s immune system will then go to the injury location and eliminate the dead fat cells from your body.

Are There Benefits To Cryolipolysis?

The first advantage you will enjoy is no incision, meaning you have no risk of developing an infection. Secondly, you will not require any anesthesia and sedation before treatment which may be beneficial if you have allergic reactions. During cryolipolysis, your doctor can treat more than one body area in a session without damaging your skin. The next benefit is that destroyed fat cells will permanently leave your body without returning. Lastly, you can resume normal activities immediately after you complete your treatment.

Body sculpting with cryolipolysis can treat most fat deposits in your body, depending on the areas you are targeting to treat. While it is a good procedure, not everyone will be a suitable candidate. You do not qualify for cryolipolysis if you seek to lose weight, especially if you are overweight. Instead, the procedure targets small fat pockets, which means you should be almost your ideal weight before going for body sculpting. Talk to your doctor to determine if you make a good candidate for this procedure.

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