When Do You Need Disc Replacement Surgery in Rancho Cucamonga?

A neck has seven cervical vertebrae, which add stability to your neck and protect the spinal cord’s top portion. Intervertebral discs are spongy protective discs between every vertebrae. Such discs help absorb shocks or pressure put on your neck, and thus, they are prone to degeneration and injuries. When your spinal canal narrows down, it may cause one of the discs pressing on spinal nerves, pain, and tingling in the neck and arms. Rancho Cucamonga disc replacement surgery can be a good option to consider when you experience these symptoms and your discs are the main issue. 

Arm pain, neck pain, tingling sensation, and weakness are signs of cervical disc issues. Anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy, and infections may cure these issues. But, if these issues aren’t solved with these options, you should think about disc replacement. 

So when should you go for disc replacement surgery? Consider it when: 

1. You Haven’t Got Relief Through Nonsurgical Treatments

The initial line of treatment for most back/neck pain is non-surgical. So, you should rest, undergo physical therapy, and try OTC medications. Is your pain and other symptoms not subsiding even after following a conservative treatment routine? You should consider a more advanced form of treatment, like disc replacement surgery. 

2. You Have Neck Pain or Arm Weakness and Numbness

Consistent pain or weakness and numbness indicate your neck has a pinched nerve. It occurs when the deteriorated disc herniates out of place, which puts pressure on your spinal nerves. Cervical disc replacement surgery always works in eliminating your neck pain and maintaining its normal movement. 

3. One or More Cervical Discs Get Degenerated 

Your spine may have disc degeneration in any part at any time. Discs getting degenerated is kind of an inevitable part of aging. But, when your discs get degenerated and cause discomfort or pain, a disc replacement can be the best solution. The replaced disc keeps working as a shock absorber, and your spine keeps functioning the way it should. It helps in relieving pain and disabilities related to the degenerated discs, which were removed. 

The Bottomline

If you are experiencing any of the situations above, go for disc replacement surgery in Rancho Cucamonga. Ensure you find the best surgeon so you get the desired results at any cost. 

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