Has it ever happened to you that after a whole month of eating healthy and doing your exercise routines to the letter, you don’t notice big changes in your weight? That’s because you’re not thinking straight. With the Tanita scale you not only get your body weight; you also get information about other parts of your body that are important for weight loss. Did you know that there are different types of fat in the body? To know what kind of fat you are burning you need a smart body analysis scale to show you. Just by standing for 20 seconds, you will have information about your level of muscle mass, the quality of your muscles, the amount of water in your body, the age your body represents and even your Basal Metabolic Rate.

How does this technology work?

The Tanita brand has been on the market for many years. Thanks to its technology of Japanese origin, thousands of people around the world can know their bodies better. To make it simpler, when you step on a Tanita scale, a small amount of current that you cannot perceive goes through your body. The way this current reaches your feet is what tells the scale and what state the different parts of your body are in. It is completely safe and has no side effects. Besides that, you can keep track of everything from your cell phone. You connect the smart body analysis scale with the mobile app and that’s it. Every time you step on the scale, your cell phone will record the information.

Keep yourself motivated with a smart body analysis scale

In order to lose weight, you have to stay motivated. It’s not easy because you ought to keep track of what you eat, the exercise routines you do, etc. However, when you get on a Tanita scale and see how your body is improving, it encourages you to keep going. Let’s follow this example. With a traditional scale, you can only measure your weight. Imagine that during one week you lost 2 kilos of fat, but gained 1.5 kilos of muscle. With a traditional scale, you will think that you only lost 0.5 kilos of fat. With a smart body analysis scale, you will know that you lost the 2 kilos of fat, that you gained 1.5 kilos of muscle and many other elements that are altered in your body when you are exercising. It is a tool to have at home.

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