Multivitamins are useful for supplying your body with essential vitamins and minerals that you need every day and that you may be missing in your diet. Whether you experience these very real benefits or not depends on the multivitamin you are taking.

Given that, many of the multivitamins out there may not really offer the full spectrum of benefits you’d expect. Oftentimes, this is due to insufficient amounts of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals, as well as neglecting the bioavailability, softness, and sustainability of the nutrients they contain, which further impacts the totality of the formula and the main benefits in each bottle.

Find the criteria for a quality multivitamin from the science-backed, and you can rest assured that you will really benefit from your daily routine. As long as you’re consistent with your multivitamin routine, you’ll be helping deliver nutritional benefits that can impact everything from energy and immune function to bone and nerve health and more.

Here are six science-backed multivitamin benefits to keep in mind

Immune function

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can contribute to suboptimal immune system function and research shows that regular use of multivitamins can support immunity, specifically by increasing levels of vitamin C and zinc, two essential nutrients that play an important role in the development and function of immune cells. us and the adaptive immune response. And don’t forget that the quality multi will also include other immune-centric nutrients like vitamins A and D3, iron, selenium, and other minerals.

Brain health

Research shows that taking multivitamins also supports your cognitive function, with research specifically showing a link between multiple uses and immediate free memory, or your short-term ability to remember lists of information.

Your brain, of course, relies on a wide variety of nutrients to function optimally. Just a few worth mentioning: all eight B vitamins (which have a hand in everything from energy production to DNA synthesis and repair to neurochemical production), vitamin D (which supports neural tissue).

Healthy hair, skin, and nails

Healthy skin requires adequate amounts of nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and E, biotin (a B vitamin), and zinc. Hair, meanwhile, in addition to many amino acids from protein, requires a lot of biotins, as well as the mineral silica.

In addition, the health and visual changes in our nails, ultimately, provide great insight into whether or not we are meeting our nutritional needs over time, or are dealing with micronutrient deficiencies (e.g., vitamin C). Given the wide variety of nutrients that our hair, skin, and nails depend on, taking a quality multivitamin (especially one containing antioxidant compounds from plants) is a great way to support it.

Bone and muscle function

Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D, all of which play an important role in supporting bone and muscle health, are all considered nutrients of concern, meaning many of us don’t even get enough of them.

Of course, other micronutrients including the minerals zinc, iron, selenium, silica, copper, boron, and manganese also support bone density, quality, and strength. And it turns out, “A comprehensive multivitamin that includes these diverse minerals. What’s easy to do here: To support adequate nutrition and musculoskeletal and joint health with a comprehensive daily multivitamin.

Eye health

Lack of nutrients (especially vitamin A, vitamin B12, biotin, vitamin C, vitamin E, as well as iron and zinc) has a significant impact on eye health. So, taking a quality multivitamin to support nutritional deficiencies ultimately improves eye health and vision.

Heart health

Your heart depends on many different nutrients to function properly, some of the B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. That’s why it’s important to take OSAVI multivitamin Complexes and a number of these other beneficial nutrients.

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