All cosmetic surgery procedures begin with a comprehensive consultation; an in-person discussion with a plastic surgeon. Often, patients who pose numerous questions to their plastic surgeon New York benefit most from their consultations and tend to be happier with their decisions. Although there is no incorrect question to ask during the consultation, you should prioritize the following questions during your visit with your potential surgeon. These questions will help you determine if cosmetic surgery is appropriate for you and provide reassurance that you are in the hands of qualified professionals. Read on to learn more.

  1. Are You A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

The harsh reality is that in the United States, any licensed practitioner, even one with no expertise in cosmetic surgery, can lawfully conduct a cosmetic treatment. Selecting a certified plastic surgeon is an effective way to guarantee that your surgery is safe and effective.

Board certification is not merely earned by passing an exam. This certification proves that the practitioner has undergone specific training and is quite knowledgeable in plastic surgery. Besides, surgeons only receive this accreditation if they perform their procedure in a licensed facility.

  1. How Often Does The Surgeon Perform Your Preferred Procedure?

Most plastic surgeons specialize in a particular procedure, for instance, facial surgery. It is best to select a surgeon who specializes in the specific procedure you want. In this case, the surgeon will probably have worked with various body types and be well-versed in several techniques.

Furthermore, if the surgeon has performed the procedure you want repeatedly, they will have a gallery of their past outcomes. As such, you can have an idea of what outcomes to expect.

  1. What Sort of Anesthesia Will They use, and Who Will Administer It?

All cosmetic surgeries require anesthesia. However, your plastic surgeon will determine what kind of anesthesia to use based on your treatment’s nature and unique needs. For instance, local anesthesia is best for its limited recovery time. Nonetheless, general anesthesia is best if you are undergoing a more complicated procedure.

Whatever anesthesia you need, you should also know who will perform it. For optimal safety, your anesthesia should be performed by a certified anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist.

  1. What Should You Expect With The Recovery Process?

Ask your plastic surgeon how much time your recovery might take. This answer will help you plan on taking a break from work, school, and other commitments. Moreover, your surgeon should explain to you what restrictions you should expect after your procedure. If you feel these guidelines will disrupt your everyday life, consider rescheduling your surgery.

  1. What Is The Cost Of The Surgery?

The cumulative cost of plastic surgery will vary based on every patient’s unique requirements and goals. Besides, these charges may vary across different states. Therefore, before undergoing any treatment, ensure that the surgery’s cost aligns with your budget.

Plastic surgery is no mean feat. Therefore, before electing to undergo any procedure, you should ensure that you are satisfied with the surgeon who will perform the procedure and the outcomes to expect. By posing these questions to your plastic surgeon during the initial consultation, you can clear any uncertainties and ensure you make an informed decision. Nevertheless, this list is not exhaustive, and you should feel free to ask any question you find relevant.

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