Let’s start a new chapter dedicated to retracted jaws, those mouths in which the lower jaw is further back. These jaws have a very specific origin, which we will discuss in this article.

On the other hand, we will also explain the treatments that, fortunately, have evolved a lot in recent times.

The origins of retracted jaws

In this type of jaw, the main cause is found in the following factors:

  • Genetic origins: probably inherited from someone in the family
  • Oral breathing: the need to have your mouth open to breathe causes growth to occur vertically and the jaw is retracted
  • Habits: licking your finger or prolonged use of pacifier can slow jaw growth

What are the benefits of correcting retracted jaws?

If you have a child who is in this case, today we want to tell you the benefits and advantages of starting a treatment to balance the retracted jaw:

  • Breathing is improved, as air passes through
  • It makes you snore less
  • Correct occlusion is achieved and functional masticatory movements can be performed
  • The upper incisors are protected, they are no longer in danger of fracture
  • And, above all, the aesthetic benefit is immense

Luckily we have a technology that has advanced a lot in recent years and allows us to advance the jaw comfortably and effectively.

But very important!!! It can only be done when the child is growing up.

Solutions for retracted jaws

As we explained, the technologies that have been introduced in recent years have made it very easy for today to treat the retracted jaws in a COMFORTABLE way.

And why do we talk about comfort as the main advantage of new treatments to advance the jaw?

Retracted jaws: causes and treatments 0

If you look at the images, in the first two you can see how the devices were before to work on the mandibular advance. The children who wore these types of mechanisms were true “saints” because of the discomfort it entailed.

Today, the difference is abysmal. And here we have to thank the invisalign technology that has introduced a comfortable system, which allows speech without any difficulty and, practically the children who do this treatment, do not even get buried.

When to make the mandibular advance?

Finally, we want to talk about the ideal time to do the treatment of mandibular advancement. It is very important that it is done when the little one is growing. For this reason, we do x-rays of the hand and vertebrae and we can know when the best time is.

He does not always agree that the best time is when it can be done because, for example, it can happen that the teeth are falling. Therefore, each case will be individualized.

Don’t forget to share with us all the doubts that may arise.

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