It is said that dentistry in Poland is among the best in Europe. Many flight options and reasonable prices of a private dental care in this country allow to save a lot in your wallet. If you are thinking about a trip to Poland, you may wonder how to coordinate dental visits, accommodation and days off from work. Is the game worth the candle? Give it a try and you will be satisfied!

Dental tourism in Poland – travel & stay

Many foreigners combine dental visits with a bit of sightseeing. The trend is getting more and more popular, as dental tourism has become one of the most profitable. Who benefits from great dental service? It is mostly residents of the UK, Ireland and Scandinavian lands – Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In those countries the costs of dental services tend to be twice as higher! Professional treatment for 50% off? Only in Poland, the land of wonderful monuments and hospitality.

Krakow – your dental destination

Krakow is said to be the most beautiful country in Poland. It attracts thousands of tourists a year not only by its magical atmosphere, elegant restaurants and historical background, but also by the opportunity of a high quality dental service. Indexmedica is one of the clinics located in Krakow that records an increasing number of patients from abroad. Many of them come from Norway and England, where the overall costs of dental treatment frequently exceed the financial possibilities of inhabitants.

What makes the clinic stand out is a certified and well-trained team of professional dentists who use the most innovative equipment in the everyday service. In Indexmedica you can have your teeth whitened, start your complex dental implants treatment, root canal treatment, crowns, bridges and veneers, as well as gum treatment. All services are performed by qualified dentists who speak fluent English. No language barriers, no pain, stress-free and comfortable treatment – is there more to dream about?

Getting to know the city

Usually dental tourism is based on a couple of days that can be spent on sightseeing. After your dental visit, you can start exploring this beautiful city. There is so much to see! Take your other half (who can stay with you in one of Indexmedica’s 4-star hotels at no extra charge) and start your wonderful journey around Krakow.

If you are feeling lost, you can always use the help of the personal assistant, who points the most known objects and places you should see. Royal Wawel Castle, The Sukiennice or The Planty Park are just a drop in the touristic ocean.

Experience the quality

Do you think that low treatment prices are followed by poor service? Nothing could be more wrong. You can fully trust the skills of Polish dentists. They spent years to graduate from the medical university and took part in many trainings, business meetings and courses to offer the best quality and comfortable service to all patients. Do you want to be part of it and save some money? Consider Indexmedica – one of the TOP 3 dental clinics in Poland.

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