What do you do when you have an unexpected health concern? Well, you may choose to visit your primary care provider or the emergency room. The choice that you make will depend on the nature of care that you need. For example, you can consider visiting your primary care physician if you experience non-life-threatening health conditions like sinus. However, you should seek Orlando emergency medicine for life-threatening conditions like burns. After medical emergencies, deciding where to go for treatment is practical. Below are crucial factors that you should consider when looking for an emergency care clinic.


How far is the clinic from your place of residence? When health concerns strike you, the last thing you will want is to drive many miles away to get treatments. Select the emergency clinic a short drive from your home or workplace. This measure will help you get timely treatments, thus reducing the chances of complications. You can begin by searching for the emergency care clinics that are nearby.

Operating Hours

When occurring, emergency health issues do not watch clocks. They can occur any time during the day or the night, thus posing a threat to your life. Do not compromise your health by choosing the emergency clinic that only operates from morning to evening on weekdays. Select the clinic whose services are available around the clock during weekdays and weekends.


Your insurance coverage for medical emergencies is vital when choosing a clinic. Before choosing the emergency clinic, request your insurance provider the list of all facilities that accept your insurance plan. This exercise will save you time when choosing the clinics whose providers participate in your insurance policy. Picking the in-network emergency care clinic will help you meet some expenses, thus saving your pocket.

Nature of the Services

Treatment services usually differ from one clinic to another. For example, one facility could perform lab testing while the others may not have those services. Therefore, you should research the specific services your potential clinic offers. Find out whether they offer services like X-rays and onsite laboratory. Pick the facility whose services coincide with your health needs. Also, it would help if you considered choosing the emergency clinic with highly skilled providers.

Follow Up Care

Most emergency care facilities will continue to follow up with patients after their initial visit. During the follow-up care, the provider will track the patients’ health performance after the emergency care treatments. Also, you will get the necessary prescription and management tips for chronic conditions through this care. Even if you have a primary care physician, some medical emergencies could necessitate follow-up services.

Certain health concerns can occur without showing symptoms. These conditions could even threaten your life. Fortunately, having an emergency care clinic that you can lean on when you encounter these conditions can help you maintain your health while saving your life. When choosing this clinic, you should consider one near your residence. Also, a good clinic should be equipped with the emergency services that you are pursuing. Choosing an emergency clinic offering follow-up care is also necessary for your health.

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