Invisalign®is an invisible orthodontic treatment, both for adults and children, but the fact that it is not seen does not mean that it is magical! Behind it there is a lot of work that is the sum of, technology, knowledge, experience and skill.

That is, the aligner alone does not put the teeth straight, but is the result of teamwork between the team of dentists and the patient.

Today we want to tell you 5 aspects of invisible orthodontics that is triumphing among all family members:

  1. The main stages of the process
  2. Basic Tips for Succeeding with Invisalign
  3. Main differences with braces
  4. Invisalign®and the little ones
  5. The Invisalign®express option

The main steps in the invisalign treatment process

At Centre Dental Castellsagué we have four main phases to work on invisible orthodontics:

  1. Taking measurements and digitizing the mouth:

With the program we not only know how your mouth is at that exact moment, but we can predict how it will look at the end of the treatment

  1. Study of movements:

Manually, the orthodontist studies tooth by tooth and we define: what movement we want to make, how we want to do it and at what time it should be done (especially in children, where you must have a special forecast of movement of all the pieces).

  1. Share with the patient the step by step:It is very important that the patient knows at all times what will be the process that his mouth will undergo and his involvement at all times: whether it is for an adult or for a child.
  1. Delivery of the aligner: The custom instrument that will transform a cluttered mouth into a perfectly aligned mouth.

The results will always be as expected, if we all do our part.

Practical tips to be 100% successful in your orthodontic treatment

Finally, we want to finish this practical article so that you always have at hand, with some practical tips to make your Invisalign®a success:

  1. Bring the Invisalign® for as many hours as possible. And put it back on after meals.
  2. Invisalign® should always fit perfectly.
  3. Brush your teeth after each meal.
  4. Don’t throw in aligners when you change them.
  5. Communicate with your orthodontist.

What to choose: braces or Invisalign? The character of the person also influences the decision

Orthodontics, both in adults and children, is not about fashions, but about practicality and results. Nowadays, orthodontics has advanced in such a way that we no longer choose the best method based on the technique, but also on the patient’s way of being.

  • If you are a methodical person, Invisalign®can be a very good option.
  • That you are a somewhat clueless person but you care about aesthetics, do not worry that with aesthetic braces we achieve the same results and they are hardly seen.

Invisalign®First: invisible orthodontics for children

Invisalign®first is Invisalign®orthodontics for children and we couldn’t be happier with the results we are achieving.

What we want to convey is that this technology, which many people think is only for adults, works perfectly with children, among other reasons because children are much more applied than many adults!

What we like most about Invisalign®technology for kids is that:

  • It is a technology that allows the little ones to speak perfectly
  • It is a very fast treatment, much more than with traditional orthodontics
  • We have much more controlled the movement of the teeth

We are so convinced that it is the best option, that we have even said goodbye to the Hawleys, those devices that were placed on the palate, to perform dental movements or to maintain the position of the teeth achieved after a treatment.

If you want to know what else Invisalign®first can do for your little ones’ teeth, ask us.


Did you know that you can do a quick treatment to place a tooth that makes you uncomfortable as it has misaligned over time?

Sometimes we get consultations in the clinic from people who have a well-worked mouth but who would like to spin and would like to reach perfection.

For these cases we have Invisalign®Express, a quick treatment of 3 months, and cheaper than the usual treatments, to achieve the smile as you imagine.

Do not be left with the doubt of knowing if it would be a good option for you.

We hope you find this post useful and consult it whenever you need more information!

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