Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a dental treatment that helps keep cavities from growing and spreading. It is a colorless liquid with a pH of ten. The Food and Drug Administration has proven silver diamine fluoride treatment safe to treat tooth sensitivity, particularly in adults. Dentists mostly use the treatment on children between two to eight years and the elderly, who cannot get traditional restorative procedures. It is easy to apply Silver Diamine Flouride Perris and does not require your dentist to remove cavities. SDF treatment kills bacteria that damage your tooth and enhances remineralization. It strengthens your tooth enamel.

How is Silver diamine fluoride applied?

SDF application involves your dentist placing cotton near the affected tooth to keep it dry and using a vacuum to remove moisture. The dentist then uses a micro brush to apply SDF to the damaged tooth, rubs the region for one minute, and air-dries the tooth. Dentists may use light curing to ensure SDF sinks deeper into your tooth.

What is the composition and function of silver diamine fluoride?

SDF consists of silver and fluoride. Silver acts as an antimicrobial; it kills the bacteria that wear down your teeth, while fluoride promotes remineralization. Fluoride boosts your teeth by strengthening the enamel, the top layer of your tooth. The ammonia present stabilizes the solution. SDF can treat tooth sensitivity in adults by strengthening your dentin, the sensitive part of your tooth under the enamel.

Which are the benefits of silver diamine fluoride?

Effective and efficient

Research shows that SDF can stop about eight percent of cavities. The treatment is fast; your dentist can do it in less than one minute. Compared to other treatment options, SDF can stop cavities eight-nine percent higher over one year.

Quick and painless

Compared to cavity treatments like dental filling, SDF is quick and painless. These benefits make it suitable for children, especially young kids with dental anxiety. The treatment can also be ideal for people with intellectual and developmental disorders.

Address cavities

Silver diamine fluoride prevents cavities from spreading and getting larger. It can also help prevent cavities from developing in the future.

What can disqualify you from silver diamine fluoride treatment?

You may not be a suitable candidate for SDF treatment if you have a silver allergy or have lesions or tooth decay that opens up the soft tissue inside your tooth. If your soft tissue is exposed, SDF can spread the infection to surrounding areas.

What are the risks of silver diamine fluoride treatment?

Like any other dental treatment, SDF has various risks, including a metallic taste in your mouth, gum pain and tooth pain, and gum irritation, but it often fades within a couple of days. SDF causes irreversible dark stains in regions where it is applied, especially on cavities. Your gums and mouth parts can get stained, but they eventually fade, unlike those on your teeth. If SDF comes into contact with your skin and clothes, they may stain temporarily.

Silver diamine fluoride is a dental treatment that helps keep cavities from growing and spreading. It kills bacteria that wear down your teeth and strengthens your tooth enamel. Schedule an appointment at Dental Kidz Club for silver diamine fluoride to prevent your cavities from spreading.

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