The IQOS device is a smokeless alternative that heats genuine tobacco, eliminating 95% of harmful chemicals and providing a familiar experience. This innovative gadget was designed to mimic the flavor and experience of traditional cigarettes.

What Is In The Box?

To get started you’ll need an IQOS gadget. The newest IQOS model is the DUO 3; it’s slimmer, lighter, and more discreet. It also has a bigger battery so you won’t have to charge it every time.

The following items will make up your IQOS DUO3 start package:

  • The IQOS3 DUO holder: this is the key item; we’ll explain how it works in a moment.
  • The DUO 3 Pocket Charger – This compact case recharges the IQOS between uses, ensuring it is always ready to go.
  • For maintaining your DUO 3, you’ll need a cleaning tool, ten sticks, and a cleaning brush.
  • A charging cord and power adapter

What’s The Best Way To Charge IQOS Duo 3?

Begin by checking the level of your battery in your pocket charger. This equipment is critical as it will keep your IQOS gadget topped up and ready for use. Just press the top button and a led strip that glows will appear. This indicates how much of the battery life you have left.

Below the pocket charging strips are two little LED lights. These indicators indicate the current charge level in your IQOS Holder gadget.

Two flashing lights signify that the device is fully charged and ready for use. One light indicates it is ready for use only once.

There are no lights to indicate that your holder is low on juice. It must be refilled. The IQOS Pocket Charger can charge up to 20 times. You can buy this from

How Do I Turn ON My IQOS?

You can now insert a HEETS tobacco stick into your gadget once it is fully charged. The charger should be removed from your IQOS. You may then insert a HEETS cigar stick into the holder.

When the silver line on your HEETS sticks reaches the top, it is considered in position. It is important to not twist the HEETS stick while inserting it.

For two seconds, then hold down the activation switch. After that, the LED light will slowly start to flash and you’ll feel a single vibration. It is signaling that your gadget has begun to warm up.

When your IQOS has been activated, it will vibrate once more and then turn solid.

How Long Will HEETS Sticks Last?

Each HEETS Stick is designed to last at least 6 minutes. When two puffs are remaining, or thirty seconds, the IQOS gadget will vibrate to display pulsating lights.

The HEETS sticks have been used up. HEETS cannot be re-used so it is best to dispose of the stick and then replace it with a new one.

Slide up the holder cap to release the HEETS stick.

Keep in mind that each HEET lasts 2 hours so you can use another one. To ensure your IQOS Holder is always ready for use, you should get in the habit of returning it to the pocket charger every time it isn’t being used.

Is IQOS Different From Vaping?

Despite producing vapor, IQOS has some basic differences from traditional e-cigarettes. The most important distinction is that IQOS uses real tobacco. However, there are a few subtle differences in terms of the user experience.

The IQOS experience feels more like traditional smoking. You only need one HEETSstick at a moment, just like a cigarette. Once the HEETS stick has been inserted, it can be used only once, producing a predetermined number of puffs, then being thrown out.

Vapers have a tank, which is the predetermined volume or quantity of e-liquid. You can either use it frequently or only occasionally depending on your taste. The e-liquid will run out and it is time to refill.

New smokers will feel the IQOS experience is familiar and similar.

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