While it is easier for women to conceive before they reach 35 years, some women may want to or are forced to delay becoming pregnant for various reasons. In the past, beginning a family after a woman’s most fertile years was a challenge, but not any longer! With Newport Beach egg freezing, also known as oocyte preservation, women may now opt to delay conception without running the danger of never bearing children entirely. Continue reading to learn why women may freeze their eggs for later use.

1. Medical Reasons

Health reasons are actually the driving force that compelled physicians to research fertility preservation. Women diagnosed with health concerns like cancer, autoimmune illness, or other conditions may have to undergo treatments that could negatively affect their reproductive health. These procedures may include surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Egg freezing can allow these women to preserve their fertility before enduring these fertility-threatening treatments.

2. You Are On A Career or Academic Path

Numerous superwomen pursue demanding careers and/or academic paths as mothers, but it is no easy road. If your future trajectory implies delayed childbearing till 35 years or older, you may be eligible for egg freezing while you are still young.

The reason for considering egg freezing when young is that the quality of your eggs diminishes drastically as you age. Assuming there are no additional fertility concerns, egg freezing will place the success rate of your IVF at the age when you froze your eggs, instead of the age when you underwent the IVF.

3. You Are Yet To Find Your Life Partner

Numerous single women resort to intrauterine insemination (IUI) and donor sperm to enhance their chances of conceiving a healthy child without egg freezing and a spouse in the picture. However, this option does not appeal to all single women. Egg freezing provides peace of mind to such women as it ensures eggs are plenty and available when they find a partner. Besides, this procedure reduces the pressure some women might feel to find a partner only for having kids, commonly known as panic parenting.

4. You Have Genetic Issues

Genetic concerns may make a woman contemplate egg freezing as a means to preserve her fertility. Some genetic disorders like premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) can cause a depleted ovarian reserve and premature ovarian failure, making it hard to get pregnant naturally. In such circumstances, egg freezing could greatly enhance the likelihood of having biological kids later.

5. You Are Uncertain If You Want To Have Kids

Egg freezing is also a viable option for women in a relationship or single, who are not certain they want children. If a woman realizes that she needs her eggs, but did not freeze them when she had the opportunity, she might blame herself. Therefore, egg freezing can be more of an insurance policy against the possibility of future regret.

Young women worldwide experience the pressure to begin a family early. Most of these women grow up with a predetermined “timeline,” which includes getting married, having a home, and bearing kids, all before they get out of their 20s. However, reality does not always align with one’s expectations. Perhaps your career is occupying much of your time, you have a health condition, or you have not found the right partner, egg freezing can allow you to have biological kids in the future. Consult your doctor about the benefits and limitations of this procedure to determine if it is appropriate for you.

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