Nothing compares to the feeling of catching the radiant smile of a loved one. Whether it is your kid, parent, friend, or spouse, a smile can completely transform your day! Sadly, many people are self-conscious about showing off their smile, especially if they have one or more missing teeth. While numerous tooth restoration options are available, including bridges and dentures, nothing compares to Dental Implants Jasper. Many people consider dental implants the gold standard for tooth restoration. Continue reading to discover the many reasons to consider dental implants.

  1. You Have One Or More Damaged or Seriously Cracked Teeth

If you have a badly damaged or cracked tooth, you might not have many treatment options. You could only have two options; a dental crown or an implant. While your dentist will make every effort to preserve the natural tooth, you should remove and replace it with an implant if it is severely damaged. Dental implants look and function just like your natural teeth.

  1. You Have Partials or Dentures

Numerous individuals experience loose partials and dentures. Unfortunately, patients must endure such discomfort, given the availability of alternatives such as dental implants. Dentures that go loose during the day could be fixed with dental implants. No longer must you be self-conscious regarding the possibility that your dentures may fall out when speaking or eating.

  1. Your Tooth Is Seriously Infected, Necessitating Extraction

If a tooth gets infected, it must either be removed or preserved using specific methods. It could be time to have a dental implant if your dentist informs you that the infection is too severe for salvaging.

After the infected tooth is extracted, the dental implant will replace it. This artificial tooth is as sturdy and long-lasting as your original teeth. Besides, dental implants do not require any extra care.

  1. You Have a Sunken-In Facial Appearance

Sadly, once a person chooses dentures, their face may look sunken because dentures do not trigger the jawbone to promote the rebuilding of vital tissue. Consequently, the jaw overlooks that you have dentures and tends to regress.

Unlike dentures, dental implants will not make you have a sunken-in facial appearance. The roots of your implants are inserted into the jawbone and stimulate it just as your natural tooth’s roots.

  1. You Are Tired of Unpleasant Denture Adhesives and Denture Maintenance

If you have worn dentures, you are familiar with the process of removing them for cleaning and using denture adhesives to secure them in place. For most people, this extra care is overwhelming.

Dental implants are the best alternative for patients who do not want to bother with denture adhesives and need easier maintenance. As earlier stated, you do not need to adopt a different dental hygiene routine than you already do. You can care for your dental implants as you would for your natural teeth by simply brushing and flossing twice or thrice daily.

Missing teeth are more than an aesthetic concern. Losing your tooth could pose bite and speech difficulties, raise your risk of various oral concerns, and even affect your self-confidence. Therefore, after extracting one or more natural teeth, it is usual for patients to choose dental implants as a long-term replacement option. Implants are the most natural-looking alternative to natural teeth that contemporary dentistry provides. These tooth restorations feel, appear, and function like “genuine” teeth! Talk to your dentist about your unique concerns and goals to determine if you are eligible for dental implants.

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